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My favorite stupid quote of all-time is “Money won’t make you happy”.
Why is that always said by someone who doesn’t have much money?

Because they’ve given up on money and are trying to make sense of it, so they’re justifying their decision.

You, on the other hand, know deep down inside that money can radically change your life for the better, but have you actually sat down and counted the reasons?

By: Automated Entreprenuer

Here are 9 things Money can buy…

#1 — Money Buys Travel


Sorry, you can’t travel without money despite what some bloggers will tell you. Staying at a dirty hostel even costs some money. You can try to hitchhike or walk, but let’s get real, you still got to eat and if you’re really going to enjoy the experience, you need to do it in style.

Travel lets you see the world. The value in travel goes beyond just the experience and the memories, you learn something new about yourself and the world.

Without money, you can dream about it but you’re never going to be a world traveler. Whether it’s taking your kids to Disney World or seeing the Great Wall of China, money buys experiences.

#2 — Money Buys Great Food

Do you shop at Whole Foods or Walmart? Would you prefer saltines and canned tuna with a can of Pepsi or fresh grilled salmon with mango chutney along with a nice glass of wine?

Do you give your body poor ingredients or the best? Organic food isn’t cheap. If you go out, do you want to enjoy Ruth Chris or McDonalds? There’s nothing necessarily wrong with going to a Pizza Hut /Taco Bell Combination, but most people, given the choice, would prefer more expensive quality food on a regular basis, right?

#3 — Money Buys More Money

Money lets you invest which in turn allows you to make even more investments. All of this is a cycle that that grows your bank account even more.

You know the old saying “It takes money to make money”? While that isn’t entirely true because you can make money even if you don’t have a penny to your name, it is true that you can make more money with the money you have!

It’s easier to make more money when you have money because you can make your money work for you. Have your money multiply!

#4 — Money Buys the Ability to Give

Want to give to charities? They need money!

Every single charity exists because they need funds to support whatever it is they want to help with. They can’t do what they want because they don’t have the funds, hence, they need your money!

#5 — Money Buys Comfort

Is your apartment too small? Fix your surroundings with money, move to a bigger place, and get that kitchen you’ve always wanted where you have room to do what you want to do.

Money buys all kinds of comforts. You can get yourself a massage, you can fly first class rather than coach — or better yet, fly private!

#6 — Money Buys Security

When your lying-in bed at night wondering how to pay your bills, that’s not a recipe for peace of mind. Money lets you live stress-free from the worry of how to pay for all the costs you have in life.

You can also buy things for physical security, like a better, bigger gate, bodyguards, alarm systems, and even move to a better neighborhood. You could even get a bulletproof, air-conditioned, diamond-encrusted suit!

But if that’s too fancy, why not afford yourself a more reliable, safer car with money?

#7 — Money Buys Time

Want to spend more time playing tennis or with your two kids? Money buys you the choice to retire.

The rich purchase hours by paying someone else to do the things they don’t want to do (cleaning house, cooking etc.) so that they can focus on doing the things they’d rather spend their time on.

Your goal should be to have the ability to purchase the time of others and use it for yourself.

#8 — Money Buys Health

Money gives you access to the best medicine and to the newest technologies if you have some sort of illness.

Money buys the best doctors in the best hospitals. What’s the cost of heart surgery? You don’t want to know!

#9 — Money Buys Freedom

People in China have spent billions to purchase their golden visa of freedom. An investor visa allows you to buy a green card in the United States for $500,000.

If your business fails, your spouse leaves you, your life is somehow shattered and you want to start over somewhere else, money will let you relocate if you want to start things fresh.

Money lets you do what you want to in this world!

Article Supplied by : https://www.automatedentrepreneur.ca/

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