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Routine Revolution: Sweating in Style like a Superstar

Looking for a natural deodorant? Hold your breath—just kidding, no need for that! We get it, the skepticism is real. You’re probably thinking, “Do they really work, or am I just setting myself up for awkward encounters with people holding their noses?” Been there, done that. But fear not, because after countless letdowns and enduring days that felt longer than a Monday, we’ve found our holy grail: Routine. https://routinecream.ca/

Now, let’s talk favorites—Jonny’s Cash and Superstar. Trust us, these aren’t just deodorants; they’re game-changers. You won’t regret making them your pits’ new best friends. And guess what? There are more seats in this natural deodorant theater than you can imagine. We’re on an extended mission to try out all their offerings, and we promise to keep you in the loop. Because, let’s be real, our underarms deserve the VIP treatment!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/routinecream/

But hey, we’re not here to sell you snake oil. This isn’t a paid advertisement; it’s a love letter to Routine. Check out their pitch and mission statement below, and you’ll see why we’re head over heels (or should we say, armpits over heels?) for these guys. No need to thank us; just enjoy staying fresh and fabulous! 🌿💚 #DeoDreamTeam #NotSponsored



The life-changing legend.

Discover why over 1 million formerly stinky people have been converted to routine – a deodorant that is not only natural, but more effective than conventional. Fun and versatile these life-changers will second as your signature scent.

These cardboard and 100% post-consumer recycled twist up plastic sticks are for those of you reluctant to touch your armpits! Hey that’s cool! We wanted to include you in the experience of our life-changing formulas. We’ll convince you, slowly to use them digits, but until then, we got you!

At Routine, we believe your scent is like a fingerprint that tells a unique story. Our credo is to offer beautiful, natural personal products that feel and smell incredible. Everyday routines that do good and are life-changing. To compliment your pheromones without compromise. To honour nature, and to produce products that are kinder to the earth in our neighbourhood of the Canadian Rockies. And to bring the joy, fun, and wild back into the modern bathroom.

Giddyup! xo, Neige & Pippa
Sisters and Co-Founders

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