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Urban Play List

Spotify Urban play list from Wehpa features Nio Garcia, Cortez, Josue PR, Kadel, Hector Y Kenny, Bodega Bamz, Dre Prada, ColoCash, Bunlo, La Firma Santana, Centy, Mido, 4Say, Skyyz, Melly Queen, J balvin

Hustle Play List

Check out our Hustle Play List on Spotify featuring Nio Garica, Ozuna, Yandel, Myke Towers, Flow La Movie, Bodega Bamz, Looch Bodega, Primo, Snow, TV Gucci, El Dollar https://youtu.be/b4pOLx72GkU https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5yiaLau6HBUOen1L1vwSBN?si=ugIHSXVYQmukTwBJokSOqw

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