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Papi AQ – ReWine ft. Lexicon

In the last few years there has been an overwhelming surge in the popularity of Latin music. Carried largely by the ever-growing Latino community worldwide; it is evident that we are witnessing the evolution of a culture. Giving roses to the forefathers of this revolution; Daddy, Yankee, Don Omar, J Balvin, and more recently: Bad Bunny. These artists went from performing in the streets of their hometown to becoming regular household names. As a result this revolution has set off a wave of emerging talents around the world; amongst them is Mexican artist “Papi AQ”.

The blend of cultures is something that has often been criticised by many until recent “Hitmakers” have shed light on this new wave. Most intriguing is Papi AQ’ s most recent release called “ReWine”; which showcases Dancehall and Latin flavours.  Paired with a featuring verse from upcoming Jamaican artist Lexxicon, and soothing production from Afro-beats producer known as RexyBoy.  This record will have you leaving it on repeat and literal “rewind” from how provocative and catchy the lyrics are. A perfect way to top off a beautiful summer full of adventure, romance, and dance the night away.  “ReWine” is a must have for your favourite playlist.

Papi AQ is a multi-talented artist that can sing and rap while seamlessly transitioning between English and Spanish. Papi AQ first emerged on the scene when he opened up for Spanish trap-star “Kidd Keo” back in 2018; since then Papi AQ has been seen on stages around Toronto showcasing his latest works including; Rumba and No Luv. To be hearing and seeing this type of movement emerge from a Canadian city is impressive to say the least. It’s clear that the evolution of music is amongst us; since then rapper Drake and The Weeknd have decided to hop on that Latino wave. Look out world; Papi AQ is the next big international Hitmaker and you heard it here first!

Lexxicon Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialexxicon/?hl=en

Papi AQ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/papi.aq/?hl=en

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