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PRIMO – The future of Latin music

"OTRO NIVEL"This guy is the future of Latin music straight from Toronto to the world. With listeners from Toronto, Colombia, Mexico, London England and more. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/NRdsUvyxOcM Check out his newest drop: ISLA🏝️DEL🐶PERREO🍑.Is the newest single release from Toronto-based latin artist PRIMO, produced along with Canadian...

Nanu From Toronto To the World.

Nanu is a multi talented Argentinian singer-songwriter rapper currently living in Toronto. She has been making music and wave for a while now pushing the line always. Check out her New Video drops. Most recently she teamed with with Latin award winning Medylandia to drop...

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Teria Morada

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE3yGCPasUU&t=14s Teria Morada of Azucar Picante ENT is an Entertainer! Professional Singer/Lyricist, Dancer/Choreographer, former 2 time Jr....

Medylandia – (4 X Canadian Latin Grammy Award Winner)

MedyLandia Music Production Studio is established in Toronto, Canada with strong roots in the...

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