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Matador – Music Drop

Matador was created by 4 artists in 4 different countries that with their own unique style were able to collaborate internationally.

Looch Bodega, is no stranger in the game. Dominican artist that lives in Toronto started his music career professionally in the urban genre including rap / hiphop/ trap/ reggaeton, and it wasn’t until later that he started working on a more commercial side of things. Now his alternative sound has taken a turn into the Afrobeat genre mixing it with latin essence that has slowly been making an impact online.

Minty Burns is a curious and captivating artists that  has grown his fanbase primarily in LA. He has made waves with his collaborations with Zoey Dollaz, Rockie Fresh and a few more. With inspirations from artists like Asap Rocky, Fabolous, and Wiz Khalifa, Minty has established a unique and diverse sound that has led him to release songs like “Dabman” which went viral in 2018.

Meme no Beat, producer and artist from Rio di Janeiro in Brazil has created his own sound as well while being inspired from the popular genre called “funk” which has flooded Brazil and become the number 1 genre of music that is played in the country. He has been releasing songs independently that has created a buzz online and in his city.

Diego Vara, a Toronto based multimedia creative that has been independently funding and putting together projects like MATADOR with artists not only in Toronto, but also from Dominican Republic, Colombia, New York, Ecuador, Brazil and of course Canada. Primarily specializing in music video productions, he has been inspired from the achievements and work of SpiffTV, Dj Drama, Dj Khalid, which has led him to bridge gaps and connect artist from around the world to create music projects that slowly are catching the attention of music listeners. 

Matador, is a product that was created during Covid times that did not let distance and restrictions get in the way of being made. Yes it took a while but we are proud to have been able to create something without not a single artist being in the same room. 

Wehpa approved!

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