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Inside a Sinister Mind Podcast
Season 1 Conejo takes us through the moment when he gets arrested after being a fugitive for 15 years in Tijuana, Baja California. He describes his experience of being extradited back to the U.S after being a fugitive for so long. We get to hear his journey from immigration customs to the L.A. county jail fighting his murder charge. Season 1 Episode 1: My Time is up Follow us on Instagram @insideasinistermind For exclusive podcast merch and music visit http://insideasinistermind.com/

Inside a Sinister Mind Podcast YouTube

Beyond the views podcast
Welcome to the Beyond The Views Podcast, hosted by Cito. The show is intended to create a space where all creative individuals can share their experiences on what it took to pursue their dreams. Authentic conversations with real-life stories to inspire the world. It’s Beyond The Views and more what you’re destined to become.
Beyond the views podcast Youtube

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