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True redemption story of one of the most powerful mob bosses in California history.

Roybal said he was blessed with athletic ability and could have been a profession baseball player or boxer – but he decided to go another way.

Kilroy is a movie based on the life of Ernest “Kilroy” Roybal. Kilroy was a high ranking mobster in California who met one Person who changed everything. Kilroy is a Mor Creative Films/Cedar Films production directed by Chris Bollinger.

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Director: Chris Bollinger
Cast: Wilson RamirezSteve Louis VillegasBrian Eric Johnson , Michael “2nd Chance” GonzalesSee full cast & crew »
Writer: P.J. Bollinger
Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Rating: Amazon Maturity Rating16+ Young Adults
Producers: Paul MoreyPete Bollinger
Studio: Indie Rights
Runtime: 1h 26m
Rotten Tomatoes: Not Rated Yet

Ernest “Kilroy” Roybal

Ernest “Kilroy” Roybal
would become one of the most powerful mobsters on the West Coast; born in 1939, he grew up in Boyle Heights, California.  Kilroy, a physically superior individual excelled in boxing at the historic Main Street gym and by many accounts would have had a solid professional career as a baseball player, but for the gangster lifestyle.  Incorrigible from the age of two he eventually joined the White Fence gang and was soon sentenced to the Youth Authority, then to state prison.  An early pioneer in the Mexican Mafia, Kilroy would be considered one of the most violent and powerful members spending over 40 years in Folsom, Tracy, San Quentin, and Pelican Bay.  Later in life he would finally meet someone he couldn’t overpower.  Kilroy’s personal journey proves that anything is possible with God. 

Check Out His Hope Story : DailyMotion UK

Ernest ‘Kilroy’ Roybal, pictured center, was a founding member of the Mexican Mafia, or La Eme, which rose to prominence in California’s San Quentin State Prison 

Wilson Antonio Ramirez – Actor

Witness the true story of Ernesto “Kilroy” Roybal’s ascent through the ranks of “La Eme”, the Mexican Mafia and his eventual downfall and redemption at the mercy of Christ.

Wilson Antonio Ramirez commands respect in his epic portrayal of the legendary Mexican Mafia shotcaller, Ernest “Kilroy” Roybal – KILROY

Wilson grew up in a Mexican American family in New Jersey; he eventually moved to Los Angeles. Influence by the movie “Colors” Wilson developed into an impressive West Coast Rapper who also had a God given gift for sports. Despite all these talents, he chose a criminal lifestyle joining the Hazard gang in the Ramona Gardens Housing Projects. After seeing and experiencing the underworld he eventually left that life and pursued his faith in God. He was given a background role in Sons of Anarchy and got the acting bug from that day forth.  He began perfecting his craft by taking professional acting lessons which led to numerous roles in television/movie projects including Mayans, N.C.I.S.: Los Angeles, and Scorpion, alongside actors such as L.L. Cool J, Bill Goldberg, Lou Diamond Phillips just to name a few.  Wilson is the ultimate professional and executed the performance of a lifetime in the instant classic KILROY!

Kilroy Movie Sound Track 2020

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Chris Bollinger – Director

Chris Bollinger’s upbringing was one of constant and unrelenting change. Raised on Army posts around the country, eventually settling in Pittsburgh and finally Los Angeles, he found familiarity in the change provided by creative endeavors. He first took up photography and video editing at the age of 9 through a school outreach program and continued on through various broadcasting programs throughout his younger years.

After being laid off from his first job after college with a lease expiring the same week, he decided to again adapt to the change and pursue his MFA in Film and Digital Technology. During his studies, he created numerous short films while working as a freelance photographer, videographer, and volunteer teacher.

He finished his degree and thesis film, Passing Through, in 2016 before packing a duffle, his camera and guitar, leaving for Los Angeles. He immediately started work on on a number of small independent features as an editor before directing 4 feature films in 2018. More recently, he has produced 3 other independent projects and will make his return to directing in November of 2020 on a home-invasion horror/thriller. In his off time, he teaches film and entrepreneurship to high school students and is an avid musician.

La Eme – The Mexican Mafia

The Mexican Mafia prison gang was formed in 1957 at the Deuel Vocational Institution (DVI), a California Youth Facility in Tracy.  It was the brainchild of Louis Flores, also known as Huero Buff from Hawaiian Gardens.  He was the originator of the Gang of Gangs, a nucleus of 15 to 20 teenage inmates who were leaders and representatives of several Los Angeles street gangs.  Also known as La EME (Spanish phonetic pronunciation for the letter “m”), the Mexican Mafia became a formalized gang in 1961 at San Quentin complete with a Death Oath and Gang Rules.  This first wave of convict Special Forces included Ernie Roybal, also known as Kilroy from White Fence, one of several notorious OG’s from the street and prison gang underworld.  

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‘I wanted to be somebody,’ he said. ‘I wanted to be part of a family, because my (real) family didn’t want me to be around’ – Kilroy

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