Content Creators

Diego Vara

Director / Content Creator
Diego Vara is a Toronto based content creator who has worked with my artists in Canada and the U.S. he continues to expand his portfolio by working with many Canadian platforms like Complex, Hot Freestyle, Raised by Latinos. Vara has recently taken on an A&R role independently working with local Latino artists and soon expanding that business into the U.S. Coming from Ecuadorian parents he has grown up around Latino culture from food to music to family influencing his work to this day.

Noah GodfreyLopez

Director / Content Creator

Joel Cornejo Torres

Artist / Writer / Content Creator

Joel Cornejo Torres also goes by his artists name Torel. Joel has in the past worked as a producer, singer songwriter, live music sound Engineer and Sneaker Connoisseur. Joel is known for working with local artists based in Toronto, Canada and is one of Wehpa’s Newest Content Creator/ Editor.

Joel is of Latin dissent coming from a Puerto Rican mother and Salvadorian father he has always had a passion for music at the early age of 4 years old and now he is one of Toronto newest Latin artist in the genre of Reggaetón and Latin trap.