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SPIN El Poeta: The Vision of Revolution Using One Mic to Build Cultural Friendships

The showcase of the emerging new profile mixing Latin roots with indigenity through artistic expression Written by: Maria Alejandra Guardado Who is SPIN El Poeta? SPIN El...

Jon Kabongo From Hoops to Hip-Hop.

By Jasmin Mombourquette instagram: @jazmynlo You know the ex you can’t seem to move on from?The love of your life, the relationship that ended in...

Exploring the Rich History of Paletero Culture: A Journey Through Time

‍ Paletero origin starter Paletero culture has its roots in Mexico, where it is believed to have originated in the early 1900s. In Mexico, Paletero culture...

A force of nature Maria Alejandra Guardado

Wehpa would like to Introduce a new team member Journalist / PR agent a force of nature. "Maria Alejandra Guardado aka Maria Guard is...

Mala No Good – Rey King Y Xantos

Rey King (Born Israel Steven Mercedes March 2, 1987. Providence, Rhode Island) is an inspirational rapper and producer but also exemplifies what it is to be...

La Peor Alx Veliz Y Medylandia

La Peor just dropped by Alx Veliz Y Medylandia sure to be a beach and summer club anthem get ready to dance. Alx Veliz is...

In Shower Hydration treatment

Here is a great treatment for Dry skin. Splash Salve a deep conditioning treatment mask for your body (why let your hair have all the fun?) this...

PRIMO – The future of Latin music

"OTRO NIVEL"This guy is the future of Latin music straight from Toronto to the world. With listeners from Toronto, Colombia, Mexico, London England and...

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